The power of natural essences originates from their intricate histories as well as from their ineluctable quest. The amalgamation of Clary Sage, Rosewood and Patchouli oil invigorates the bio-active power, the sense of abundance, acceptance and well- being adding up to an enchanting journey.


Coeur integrates lively essences of Rose, Jasmin and Ylang-ylang which all- the-more reflects on the adeptness towards love, joy and inner-peace. The fragrance simply helps in opening up one’s hearts to others, forming the best healing exercise to open up the Heart Chakra.


Voyager, an aromatic luxury fragrance that is equally vivacious and classy. This striking combination is crafted with the finest essential oils from the Frankincense, Myrrh and Lavender. Its pungent essence opens the crown chakra and protects from negative emotions and energies. The uplifting blend bequeaths the ability to be fully connected spiritually and promote feelings of reverence and inspiration.


Beyond the beauty and purity of our roots, lies the spirit of the essence. Mesmerizing from the inspiration of Ginger, Cypress and Sandalwood valor, the fragrance represents the foundation and the feeling of being grounded by forming a life-nourishing bond with the nature-world.


Expression is a fragrance that enhances and embellishes the personal aura emanating from us. Inspired by the consequence of creating a conversation between illusory and reality, the aura of Bergamot, Tea-tree and Chamomile oils elevates the ability to communicate and self-express one’s feelings.


An awakening scent to complement our brand. This well balanced fragrance is a fine example of esthetic elegance. A soothing blend that encourages the feeling of protection and security though strong Intuition, imagination, wisdom. The experience will open-up the third eye, due to presence of relaxing oils like Patchouli, Lavender and Cedar wood.


An enchanting moment of ecstasy is like sunshine for a Woman, a spark of sun beam smiling upon a bunch of white flora. The salient combination of Fennel, Juniper and Lemon-grass oils stimulates the ability to be confident, in-control and bring harmony by raising the purest form of one’s existence.


A light perfume that sensual by character enhances your wisdom and innovativeness. The smooth, warm and sweet scent delights and caresses you soul all day long.


A perfect summer scent with oriental woody notes that will take you to serene place where you are perfectly in tune with the moment. It stir your senses of pleasant touch and promotes physical, emotional well-being by bringing  harmonic balance to the energy centers of the body.


Radically fresh, raw and noble fragrance that divulges your fine personal qualities. The holistic blend evokes yourself a robust fell; a bespoke choice in exuding sophistication.