About Us

‘The nose knows the silent language of plant scent!’ – ‘SCENT’IMENTS

The world is full of secrets, the key to explore is to travel, open your heart and senses and feel the magic.

We believe that pure plant aromas relax and leisure our senses – they make us happy and thereby happiness activates positive reactions in the body. It is not just a pleasant smell in itself that is healing, but the essential oils applied in the right beneficial context.

Here’s GURU, A collection of 10 perfumes created to align the body, the heart, and the mind with our Earth’s sacred vibrations, to uncover each soul’s unique creative path, to support the well-being of the collective, and to awaken our True Essence of divine consciousness.

“The soul receives its sustenance from the sense of smell.” – Tom Robbins, Jitterbug Perfume

We believe that, as human beings, we have a responsibility to serve Life in all its manifold expression. With this responsibility comes the call to serve this unifying wholeness in ways that allow the healing gifts of creation to unfold for the benefit of all life forms on Earth.

Guru Perfumes seeks to employ and protect the natural resources this Earth lovingly provides in order to assist each person in the awakening and deepening of their connection to their Soul, while helping to provide meaningful sustenance to the Community.